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Jul 29, 2022

Google lowers rating on organic search results with commercial influences

‘Google Lowers Rating On Organic Search Results With Commercial Influences

I would like to bring your attention to what I believe is a directive from Google that requests that other search engines report links pointing to them. I have already written about it in my SEO manual. But why is that? The search engines pay for sites to be reported to them in order that they can appear on the search results page. Search engines want to overtake Google in search results, and how do you achieve that? Search engines cannot easily mislead people. Links to websites are very useful for enhancing the position of relevant websites on Google. If you buy links, you can get better search results! Google doesn’t want to be that way because of the way that they’ve set up the sponsored links on Google AdWords.

I’m glad that Google doesn’t want paid links on their search results page. I want to get the best results possible from my searches on Google, just like I want the best information. I always go to the organic search results if I want to find good information. I trust that Google is doing its job very well. Sometimes I want a more important result in Google, so I look at things like Google AdWords. Sometimes I do that too when I want to buy something (standard) from an online shop. If a company has made a promise to something that you believe in, it shows that they exist and that they are serious about it. Even though there are some websites that you can trust, you will not find any good results in your search.

Sometimes you can order something from a webshop, and it is shipped, but you never hear from it again. We have seen it all. You can reasonably assume that Google is improving at providing good, successful search results. That is a fundamental principle of my SEO advice. The fact that Google has always been a very successful search engine is a ‘reductio ad absurdum’, or more likely, that better search engines will eventually take over Google’s hegemony. Google is disappearing from the internet as quickly as Google is disappearing from your results page. Sooner or later, it will become common knowledge that a different search engine has objectively better search results. I will always try to predict the ideal situation, i.e. the search engine which can succeed Google.

I always try to get good long-term positions for my client’s websites. Google supports searches that focus on both content and references to the content. Websites must have exciting content, and as many websites as possible should like and vote for that content. Linking from one website to another is as important as voting from one party to another party. Google, like a healthy democracy, will try very hard to prevent the selling of votes.

They want sites to report those who have paid to link to them. It is not that they are saying that paid links are not allowed, but they should allow links from paid websites to be included in the reports that they send to search engines. SEO companies do not want to allow websites to include paid links; they want only to be able to filter out those links that are not legitimate. If you have links that others will pay you to include on your website, Google will look at them.

There are two ways you can report this to Google:
1. Add the rel=nofollow attribute to the appropriate web address. In HTML terms, this attribute must be added to the <a> tag. If you remove the rel=nofollow attribute from relevant pages, Google will stop crawling the website and will not be able to determine its PageRank.
2. Redirect those links to a page automatically translated for search engines by the robots.txt file. In the file robots.txt, you can specify which pages should not be indexed.

Suppose paid links are placed not directly on the website that is paying but on an intermediate page that is not indexed by the robots.txt file. In that case, the links from that intermediate page to the paying website are not paid, so they do not contribute to the PageRank of that website.

Google seems more aware of all these factors that affect search results. I have seen it happen several times: The PageRank of a commercial website suddenly goes to zero. The website is not banned from the search results, but it is no longer able to pass up its PageRank. Google Groups has an interesting article on this topic.

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